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an afghan-in-progress

August 11, 2009

afghanintotebagIn the tote bag, you can more easily see the two colors of yarn that I’m blending by knitting with a strand of each. I love mixing colors this way, especially tweeds, which become even tweedier.


The pattern is from Plymouth Yarn.

Each afghan requires 10 skeins of Plymouth’s Encore tweed, knitted two strands at a time.

Supposedly, these patterns can be completed in a weekend. Cast on Friday, and be finished by Monday?!

I suppose it might be possible, but one does have other things to do on the weekend, too: shopping, laundry, cooking, etc. And how would my hands feel on Monday if spent the entire weekend only knitting? Sounds like a possible Olympic event to me… something that would require a bit of training first.

Plymouth Yarn: Done by Monday Aghans

Plymouth Yarn: Done by Monday Aghans

Mine is taking longer than one weekend, but I am going to finish it very soon. I’m planning to add buttons to the cast-on end, and button-holes to the cast-off end. My daughter (who is now a better knitter than I am) thinks they are not necessary. What happens will depend on whether I can decide upon a buttonhole scheme that I like.

I took the two photos with my cell phone, which is why the resolution is not very wonderful. The pattern is pretty simple: alternating squares (7 stitches each over 10 rows) of stockinette and seed stitch. If I were to knit this pattern again, however, I would try to make it more truly reversible by using both stockinette and reverse stockinette squares. The afghan is bordered on all four sides with garter stitch so that its edges will not curl.