some very random thoughts: political/medical, gastronomical, and astrological

September 15, 2009

A really good use of bioengineering or stem cell research would be to find a cure for the lack of Teh Irony [comprehension] gene that has affected so many members of the GOP, as well as their enablers in the LegacyMedia. And while the researchers (in my imagination) are at work on that, they might also look for a solution to that lack of a History gene, too, which seems to affect so many in that same subset of the GOP.

Perhaps if both of those often coexistent conditions may finally be treatable, we may find less projection and more self-reflection among the GOP, a party that was once inhabited by some honorable politicians, but is now dedicated merely to protecting its extremist and fringe elements.

* * * * *

I’m psyching myself up to make some soup tonight, to cook some ears of corn, and to do something with the peaches still languishing in my fridge.

I already have some plans for some Gingergold apples and some Bartlett pears… and apple-sauce… with pears. In the crockpot. But the pears are not yet ripe enough.

I still haven’t finished reading Julia Child’s book about her life in France. Her husband’s nephew, Alex Prud’ homme, collaborated with her on it. What a delightfully composed book. Written more or less chronologically, it is told episodically. Most surprising (to me) were some of the feathers/fur to plate descriptions of putting a meal on the table for just the two of them, or for a dinner party of esteemed guests.

And I especially appreciated her deep research into simple sauces, like a white sauce, or a simple mayonnaise, in order to have clear directions for American cooks who use different methods for measuring (volume) than do European cooks (weight).

What I need–in order to finish this book in a more timely manner–is a longer commute, and I should make a habit of riding in the “quiet” car where no talking is allowed. I’d be finished by now if I rode a half-hour each way in that car every day. A twelve-minute commute, distracted by conversation, is just not enough time for my “transit” reading.

Finally, I intend to learn to make pie again. (A challenge without wheat or butter, but I am determined.)

* * * * *

Postscript: Mercury is retrograde–again!–and has been since Labor Day weekend. Expect poor communications, snags in any plans you make during this phase, irritating computer issues, etc.

However, if you have any long-term projects that have been simmering, this is a good time for revising, revisiting, editing, rewriting etc., i.e., anything with a “re” quality to it.

* * * * *

Update: I have a more overtly political post up now at FDL’s The Seminal.


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